about reshape duo

What is ReShape Duo?

The ReShape Duo® is an investigational non-surgical device for weight loss. ReShape Duo is a silicone dual-balloon system designed to occupy space in the stomach to reduce the capacity for food, so you can feel full and satisfied with smaller portions. The balloons remain in the stomach for six months, serving as built-in portion control, while you learn to live a healthier lifestyle with the support of dietitians, doctors, and nurses.

What is the ReShape Duo procedure?

The ReShape Duo device is placed in the stomach during a 30-minute outpatient procedure. To place the ReShape Duo, a flexible tube called an endoscope is passed through the mouth and into the stomach. Using the endoscope, the un-inflated balloons are precisely placed in the stomach. Each balloon is then inflated with saline. The balloons do not change the stomach’s natural anatomy; they simply occupy space to reduce the capacity for food. The ReShape Duo remains in the stomach for six months and is then removed in a second 30-minute outpatient endoscopic procedure.